Weight Loss Without Dieting

Weight Loss Without Dieting?

Garcinia Cambogia has been shown to act as a very effective fat blocker, fat burner, appetite suppressant, and mood enhancer. Having these 4 huge benefits in one supplement is worth its weight in gold and incredible value for money, as they can make a massive impact to your results. index_cta_background

Garcinia Cambogia is so effective thanks to a chemical called HCA, which inhibits an enzyme known as Citrase Lyase, a vital catalyst in the metabolic process of turning carbohydrates into fat. So by supressing Citrase Lyase, it can’t turn carbs into fat to be stored where you least want it. But that’s not all because HCA also curbs hunger cravings, which prevents overeating. After all, one of your biggest fat loss enemies is your appetite. So anything you can use to calm it down, can only be a good thing.

HCA also increases serotonin levels, which in turn improves your mood and can help you to avoid emotional eating. Cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for creating increased belly fat, is also controlled by HCA, which means you can also get rid of that spare tire. Garcinia Cambogia 1300 Weight Management also contains Potassium and Calcium for added nutrition, and Chromium because “It aims to reduce the cravings for sweets and help the body maintain proper blood sugar levels so the typical energy level ups and downs normally associated with dieting are greatly reduced.”

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Tava Tea gives you all the powerful nutrients you need to enhance your body’s fat burning performance, reduce cravings and increase energy levels. Simply replace your current tea!

It’s so easy to use Tava Tea. You can simply replace your current beverage with this powerful blend and enjoy all the benefits. “Wu Long tea in fact lessens absorption of fats, increases the body’s metabolism and is responsible for noradrenaline-induced lipolysis (breakdown) of adipose tissue.” Dr. Saleeby – Fall 2006 edition of the Tea Experience Digest

Wu Long tea is known to lessen the absorption of fats and actually break down stored fats in the body. We’ve taken the highest quality Wu Long and added 2 more equally powerful tea’s to make the ultimate weight loss blend. Combined with Slimming+, the dual system covers all the bases needed to successfully manage your weight and meet your own goals.

Using both Tava Tea and Slimming+ is the perfect combination to help you get the results you want. With a better physical appearance, increased fitness levels and a huge boost in confidence there will be nothing stopping you from getting out there and enjoying the life you deserve.

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