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Tabcat the innovate Cat Tracker

Hi everyone, Today we are looking at one of the solutions out there to track your cat! We’ve also included a great discount for you further down in the post with international delivery options available. Over the last few months we’ve been on and off trialling Tabcat which is one of the cat tracking solutions out […]

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Your Friday Art Cat is trying to tell you something

Look, but don’t touch.

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The Kittens And The Fox

Hi everyone, Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Bernie Colley. Poem by Bernie Colley If you would like to enter your own poems for Purrsday Poetry don’t forget to email Never miss a post again by signing up to our Newsletter!🙂 Thanks, Marc

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Feeling Pampered with Furbaby FrouFrou

There’s nothing better than pampering your fur babies by giving them the best life from the best foods to dressing them up and boy, do I have some great pampered products for cats or dogs by Furbaby FrouFrou. I feel like I’m so blessed to able to try this product to share with you all […]

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10 Purr-Fect Tips to Take Great Photos of your Cat

Hi everyone, Today’s guest post comes from Mike James and Boggio Studio: 10 purr-fect tips to take great photos of your cat Cats are gorgeous creatures whose natural beauty has been dazzling mankind for many centuries. Not only do cats have the most exquisite unique physical markings and facial attributes that make truly awesome photographs, they’ve […]

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The Irish Setter

These dogs have beautiful wavy red-brown coat. These dogs were classified by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1878. They are large dogs with high energy levels. If you live in a small apartment, I don’t recomend these dogs to you. I also recomend these dogs to people that aren’t always busy and exercise and […]

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Canine Dental Health

Canine dental health is important part of our dogs health that can be easy to forget about. Just like with humans, keeping up your dog’s teeth and gums is extremely important. You wouldn’t ignore it if you or your child had a cavity or gum disease, so do not ignore it when your dog does! […]

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Artisan Jewellery And Sculptures For Cat Lovers

Hi everyone, Today we would like to introduce you to Helenka White Design maker of Artisan Jewellery And Sculptures For Cat Lovers and More! Her inspiration is Bobby a rescue cat from Cats Protection who is 11 years old this year. She was found as a kitten in a bin fending for herself and was adopted by Helen when she was […]

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Family Pet Show in Manchester

Hi everyone, With the Family Pet Show in Manchester (Today is the last chance to enter for a chance to win a Family ticket!) fast approaching we thought it would be a good opportunity to put up some advice from the CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) on what to bear in mind if you do wish to […]



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Munchkin Cats

Hi everyone, So I’m guessing by now you have heard of the short legged Munchkin Cat. These short legged cats have been taking the internet by storm recently with their stubby little legs and big personalities. However, they have been around since the 1980s. Munchkins are a breed of cat that are born with feline […]

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