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Top 3 suggestions to never get ill


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Everyone is probably wanting to know how not to get ill, how to ever not sick again, how to become immune in all type of diseases, plagues, etc. For sure that’s the reason why you’re clicking on this page or maybe you just want to double check the truth that you already knew since the […]

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Oliver & Nubia: Attack of the feather demon!

Hi everyone, It’s Nubia here today! 😀 We’ve been invaded by a mean giant feather demon today! :O Nubia: I shall protect our kingdom! *wobbles* Nubia: *target acquired – activating speed attack* Nubia: *at light speed* Got you little demon feather thingy! 😀 Nubia: WHERE do you think you are going… Nubia: *mumbles* This is so […]

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Two red cats 6 – Vitali the beast

Vitali loves chicken. He really really really loves chicken and becomes an hungry tiger when this food is around. And your cats? Do they ever become little feline monster for some kind of food? Some like fish, some other rabbit… and yours? Hey! Do you like the adventures of the two red cats? You can […]

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