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Picture Parade One Hundred and Eighty-One — Learning from Dogs

Little Kids and Big Dogs

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We must be mad, but we once adopted three kittens from Romania at the same time. When Chai was found so terribly injured in a Constanta park, she was treated at the vet and then cared for by my friend in an apartment where she keeps some of her rescues. I had already said I […]

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A Street Cat Named…

… Oliver! Nubia: Hold on a second… I know that famous cat and his name is not Oliver! Oliver: No no… It’s me I am the famous street cat! Nubia: Right… well the evidence is in the photo above… It’s called A Street Cat Named Bob. Not Oliver! 😦 Oliver: But you have to admit […]

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Cat Care Tips for First-Time Cat Guardians

So, you’re thinking about adopting your very first cat. They make great pets — they’re fantastic companions, don’t need to be walked and tend to adapt to a new home quite quickly. However, they are a big responsibility, and you need to be prepared before you pick yours up from the shelter. Here are our […]

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The AMAZING Cat Show!

We were greeted by “Monty.” He was a huge canvas full of layers and texture with big expressive eyes. I think the model for “Monty” had cat-titude. Welcome to the second year of The AMAZING Cat Show! If I couldn’t spend my Friday night on the couch covered in pj’s and cats, than at least […]

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