Archive | February 10, 2017

Oliver & Nubia: Super-Pooh to the Rescue!

Hi everyone, Today I am Super-Pooh the cat that saved the universe from the evil feather demons! Nubia: None shall pass by me! Seek and DESTROY! 😀 Oliver: Really… You are never going to be able to get that thing while inside that box. Nubia: What box? There is no box! This is my Super-Cat […]

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Two Red Cats 7 – Meatballs with garlic

Have you ever smelled the breath of a cat that ate garlic? We did it. And it is terrible. Also, remember that garlic will not only give your cats a very smelly breath, but it’s also toxic for felines! They tried meatballs with garlic only because the amount of the toxic ingredient was really low […]

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