Why Do We Develop Vertigo And Dizziness?

Dizziness and Vertigo 

(by Christian Goodman)

  It is actually amazing that we can in fact stand on two feet without falling. And not only that, many of us can run, jump, spin around in circles or even ride a bike down a steep stony mountain hill without falling.
Notwithstanding specific impairments, the human balance system allows us to do this. But unfortunately, the balance system does not always function right and when it stops functioning we experience a feeling called vertigo or dizziness (I’ll talk about it as the same thing here because the cause is the same although these two feelings are experienced in a different way).
Everyone has experienced some form of dizziness or vertigo.  Perhaps an ear infection left you wobbly on your feet. Or, you’ve suddenly jumped up from a sitting position very quickly and felt the need to sit right back down.
Typically, there is no need to find a cure for such short term occurrences.
However, thousands of people suffer from what is called chronic vertigo/dizziness. If you suffer from this condition, you either constantly feel dizzy or you get dizzy several times a year, month or even week – often without any obvious reason.
The balance system or rather the impaired balance system is the culprit for this chronic condition.
Below are the three balance systems we all have:
Eyes, Ears and Body sense.
Our balance system is so advantaged that even if one part goes out, we may feel it a little but we’ll still function pretty much normally. Most blind people can walk normally – so can a person who has problems with the balance system in his/her ears.
We need to exercise all three sytems though, because we are not so fortunate when more than one of our balance systems is experiencing problems.
How can we improve our balance system?
Stress or muscle tension surrounding the eyes, ears or upper body is responsible for vertigo or dizziness the majority of the time.
Ear impairments will cause you to view your surrounds slightly differently than the balance system in your eyes do.
The unsteady feeling is the result of the brain trying to process these different perceptions. If your reading glasses are not the right strength, you’ve probably experienced this. Now if your balance system in your ear was 100% and your body’s balance system was 100% – you could still function pretty well even if there was a problem with the eye’s balance system. But it hardly ever is so you feel dizzy or even experience the world spinning around you.
The solution is to strengthen and loosen up all muscles around all your balance systems – as well as strengthening your body’s balance awareness.
Each balance system does not have to be at 100%.  If each one is well above average, complete relief can be attained.

Christian Goodman is a well known natural health researcher and the author of many natural health alternatives. His recent work is his vertigo treatment, which has now assisted thousands of people to cure dizziness and vertigo.

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