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When Snoring Becomes a Problem

When Snoring Becomes a Problem

by Christian Goodman

Snoring it’s something we all grow up knowing about. Granddaddies snore after Thanksgiving dinners. Moms tease dads about their snoring and sometimes it’s mom who snores. The point is, snoring is quite common. At some point we have all snored or known of someone who did.
What we cannot all readily discern however, are the reasons behind snoring.
The Stop Snoring Exercise Program” forced me to examine various causes of snoring and incorporate them into the system.
Why we snore?
First of all, it may be hereditary. That’s right; certain physical characteristics may just be family traits we can’t avoid. Large tonsils and adenoids can contribute to snoring. Gender can increase your odds of snoring.  Males tend to snore more.  Age also contributes.  The older most people get, the less toned they are.  Muscle tone or rather the lack of around the throat can lead to snoring. Reduced air flow through the nose due to an illness or having allergies can result in snoring as well as a poor night’s rest.
Contributors like that are not within our control. We can change some of the other reasons that we snore. Among these ‘changeable’ reasons are such things as being overweight or out of shape, a history of smoking, alcohol, medications, or simply our sleep posture.
Issues from Snoring
People who snore suffer. So do those who love and live with them. Couples resign themselves to separates rooms when sleeping – creating distance where normally closeness would reign. Our physical and emotional well being suffer. We have study after study proving the value of a good night’s sleep. But we also have sleep studies proving that snoring is waking many up throughout the night. It’s a nuisance that’s robbing us of the most rewarding ‘deep’ sleep that our bodies crave.
Do You Know How you Snore?
Snoring with a closed mouth can be the result of tongue position.  It can deter air passage. If you sleep with your mouth open, it’s much more likely that your throat tissues are causing this bothersome Zzzzzzzz. Those sleeping on their backs have cases that are generally milder in nature. A change in position and concentration on good posturing will often give this group relief.
When snoring occurs in all sleeping postures and mouth positions, additional issues may present. For the larger majority however, a simple lifestyle change to get in better shape or some attention to finding a position for optimal air passage can make a difference in a sleepless night and a night full of rest.

Christian Goodman is a well known natural health researcher and the creator of many natural health alternatives. A recent work is his stop snoring treatment, which has now provided help to thousands of people to stop snoring.

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