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Power of food — Cooking Without Limits

Do you know the real power of food, the power of food for you, not everyone else? I am still trying to conquer my power and understand it. Most of us think of food that is just a way to keep your body working, a necessity. I know food is for the body but also for […]

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I love spring green miracles — Cooking Without Limits

Who doesn’t like spring? Flowers blooming all around us, all the trees getting alive and birds singing all day long are just a few wonders of spring. We had a cold spring so far. With snow at the end of March, I thought that is gone take ages to see green around us. But spring […]

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Illustrated Tales of the Cat Life by DL Weeks — Katzenworld

This is a digital painting of our long-time feline companion, Lucyfur, aka “Fur Pants”. She is the smallest cat in the house but compensates with attitude. She is always the first cat to find the sunny spots and the least willing to share them. Her primary passion in life is being a dog motivator. She…

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Frolicking Fun Felines at the Felis Britannica International Cat Show — Katzenworld

In just over a week, we’ll be attending our first ever Felis Britanica Cat Show. This organisation represents a federation of cat clubs in the UK, Channel Isles and Isle of Man. This event is their first international one of the year and is billed to be a great day out this spring with both…

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#Trendy Tuesday Tail Trends Formal Bandanas — A Girl and Her Husky

One of my favorite fashion accessories for boy dogs of any size is the Tail Trends Formal Bandanas! They are a really cute and easy way to make your pooch look dapper! Using a bandana is a great way to dress up a dog that does not like wearing outfits too. Tail Trends calls them […]

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How to Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight

Carbs have gotten a lot of bad press in the past but the truth is you need to eat carbs to maintain good health. The trick is eating the right carbs and avoiding the ones that add unwanted fat around your midsection and on other areas of your body.

Here’s what you need to know:

First, you must understand that carbohydrates deliver essential fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants that your body needs to thrive. In other words, you really need to have carbs in your diet to remain in good health. Plus, carbs also are responsible for providing your brain with the fuel it needs to function properly. That means drop carbs entirely from your diet and you may also find yourself having difficulty focusing mentally.

So what carbs should you eat?

The answer is you should consume complex carbs, which usually come from high fiber foods. Complex carbs break down slowly in your bloodstream, giving you a steady blood sugar level throughout the day. This in turn makes you feel less hungry and irritable during those periods of the day when you might feel hungry – like mid-morning and mid-afternoon. On the other hand, the carbs you want to stay away from are simple carbs. These carbohydrates are more easily broken down by the body which results in your blood stream being flooded with simple sugars (glucose). This in turn prompts a surge of the hormone insulin, which is needed to carry the glucose to the body’s cells. The main result of all of this activity is that your blood sugar spikes, making you feel jittery. Unfortunately, your brain gets addicted to these high glucose levels and the feelings that accompany them and sends you running back to the fridge or the pantry every few hours for your next “fix” of bad carbs.

Over time, having high blood sugar and high insulin levels can lead to several bad side effects, such as:

  • Greater fat storage
  • Much less fat burning
  • Then ultimately organ damage and even cancer

Clearly, bad carbs are nothing to mess around with. They can make you fat and they can make you ill seriously ill in some cases.

That means you should stay away from such bad carbs as:

  • Refined grains (this includes white bread, white rice and enriched pasta)
  • Processed foods (this includes cakes, candy, cookies and chips)
  • White potatoes
  • Sweetened soft drinks
  • Sugar in general

Instead, fill your diet with these good carbs: 

  • Fresh fruit
  • Non-starchy vegetables
  • Non-gluten grains (buckwheat, millet, quinoa and brown rice)
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Non-pasteurized dairy products (yogurt, kefer and butter)

If you have eaten the wrong carbs in the past and, as a result, have weight that you want to lose now … one way to do that is to go on a diet that focuses on your hormones – specifically insulin and three other hormones that have been shown to play a vital role in weight gain and weight-loss.

You can learn much more about this groundbreaking approach to weight loss by visiting the website today. CLICK HERE!



Keeping your pet safe this spring — Katzenworld

Keeping your pet safe this spring PDSA offer top tips After a long cold winter and plenty of snow, gardens are beginning to awaken and spring feels as though it’s here at long last. With the weather hopefully warming up, many of our pets will spend more time outdoors. You may already be aware that…

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