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5 Summer Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth — Health & Beauty

The summer months come with their own share of beauty. Who does not wait for the warm summer nights paired with the incessant chirping of crickets and the taste and smell of barbecued food. But have you ever given a thought about what happens to your oral health after you have experienced a gala fest!…

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What is C4A (Complement Component 4 A)? —

What is the complement system? The complement system refers to a series of >20 proteins, circulating in the blood and tissue fluids. Most of the proteins are normally inactive, but in response to the recognition of molecular components of microorganisms they become sequentially activated in an enzyme cascade – the activation of one protein enzymatically […]

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Rise in home working is great news for cats – until holidays beckon… — Katzenworld

Rise in home working is great news for cats – until holidays beckon… The number of people working for themselves has increased from 3.3 million people (12% of the labour force) in 2001, to 4.8 million (15.1% of the labour force)[i] in 2017. Many self-employed people work from home, and together with the rising numbers…

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What is Hemoglobin? —

Hemoglobin is the main component of red blood cells. Hemoglobin (abbreviation: Hb) is a red substance made of iron and protein in the blood that carries oxygen to the cells in the body from the lungs. Hemoglobin also carries carbon dioxide away from the cells to the lungs, which is then exhaled from the body. Carbon dioxide […]

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What is a Gran Blood Test? —

A Gran Blood test checks for a high level of granulocytes in the blood (=Granulocytosis). Granulocytosis occurs when there are too many granulocytes (a form of white blood cells) in the blood. Examples of granulocytes are neutrophils, eosinophils and basophils. Neutrophils make up the largest percentage of granulocytes. All of them form in the bone […]

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The anti-snore mouthpiece is appropriate for people who suffer from delicate or moderate preventive sleep disorder. This device is easily molded to fit the shape of your teeth and gums so you are able to wear it comfortably and enjoy a full night of relaxed sleep. The tray is specifically designed to keep your lower jaw in slightly forward position. This design allows opening of the airway and eliminates snoring. Furthermore this tray is designed with breath hole, which allow you to breathe comfortably throughout the whole night.

The anti-snore mouthpiece is formed of soft silicone food grade EVA material and safe to use.

This anti-snore device fits securely over your teeth and confirms proper positioning of your lower jaw, while allowing for natural jaw movement as you fall asleep. During the night, as all of your muscles relax, the mouth guard keeps everything in its correct position so you can have a full night of restful and comfortable sleep.

Ability of Impressive 2-in-1 Anti-Snore Tray to perform different functions makes it a very cost effective solution. It helps with such conditions as snoring, teeth grinding, slip apnea, and bruxism.

Our Anti-Snore Mouth Guard comes with storage container so you may keep it clean and mold free for years to come.

Product Description:

  • Safe to use. No drugs or pills needed
  • Very Effective. Works instantly.
  • Unique design allows your jaw to move naturally
  • Primary function for our 2-in-1 Impressive Anti-Snore Tray is to help you stop snoring during your sleep.
  • Impressive 2-in-1 Anti-Snore Tray also protects your teeth during sleep as an anti-grinding night guard.
  • Our unique design allows you to wear this mouthpiece right out of the package without boil and biting. However, if you desire more comfort, tray could be easily customized.
  • Customizable fit. The anti-snore tray is made of food grade EVA material, which could be mold and re-mold if necessary for maximum comfort.
  • Ability of Impressive 2-in-1 Anti-Snore Tray to perform different functions makes it a very cost effective solution.
  • Eliminates Snoring, Teeth Grinding, Slip Apnea, Bruxism
  • Very Cost Effective. Similar cessation products can be obtained through the dental office for $500
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  • Doctor and Dentist recommended
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Try not to run alone… — We Who Run

It goes without saying that running with a partner, or a group, provides more benefits than repercussions, yet it is not exactly a necessity for you to become a talented athlete. It is okay to run alone, casual runners may even prefer it to running with a partner, and sometimes running with your headphones in […]

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