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The Human Trainer’s mission is to take the difficulty out of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by creating innovative products that make staying active fun, easy, quick, and accessible to virtually anyone- anywhere. Whether you are a travelling business person or a stay at home parent, new to fitness or a dedicated workout warrior, or an athlete in training, our functional training tools are made to perform for you anywhere, set up in seconds, and will give you a gym quality, full- body workout in just minutes.

The World’s Most Effective Dual Anchor Suspension Gym System

The Evolution Of Bodyweight Suspension

Made for versatility, The Human Trainer is a portable, easy to use, and highly effective training system that can be used virtually anywhere and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The Human Trainer utilizes your own bodyweight as resistance giving you virtually unlimited fitness options and a total body workout. The Human Trainer engages your core and stabilizers on every exercise, increases your flexibility, and gives you an unbeatable workout in record time. With our patented Dual Anchor suspension system, the Human Trainer allows for an unlimited range of exercises, offering a truly functional training experience. Dual Anchor mode is the better choice for beginners and advanced users as it offers a quicker way to develop the stability and core strength needed to progress to advanced level exercises. In Dual Anchor mode, it is easier to focus on correct technique and proper form with the more basic exercises and also offers the option for more advanced full body weight exercises.


These days, Suspension Gyms are steadily gaining in popularity in the fitness industry and for good reason. Body weight based suspension training is an effective method of resistance training that utilizes ropes, straps or belts that allow for a number of multi-planar, multi-muscle exercise movements. With consistent and proper use, these trainers develop functional strength, balance, flexibility, as well as core and joint stability. Put plainly, they’re probably the best workout tool for your overall fitness.

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