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Picture of meHello dear Readers and Followers,

First thing let me introduce myself. My name is Paolo, a regular guy who used to have a good job for many years in the administrative field. My unusual name “to most of the people here in the United States” is tough to pronounce correctly. However, in order to avoid any misspelling and waste of time explaining every time how to pronounce it, I do really prefer to use Paul.

I’m originally from Italy, and for many years I’ve been living in Florida – United States. I do love very much the United States and the little things into life. Dedication to my business, enjoying my family and laughing with friends are of my favorite things. Today, I consider myself one the luckiest person on earth! Why? My life is changed completely nineteen years ago, when one day I met my wife Gladys, and in April 1997 we got married and the amazing journey began.

In 1983, I started my brilliant career with the U.S. Government, State Department. Then, in 1998 my wife received a new Government overseas job assignment, and we moved to Mexico City for five years working at the U.S. Embassy. So, I found a new great job as Building Maintenance Supply Supervisor, and I was very happy with that.

In 2003, we returned to the United States and after five years we moved back to Italy, of course due to my wife’s new job assignment with the Government. But, at that time I was working on my own as a Translator Service and Contracts Developer for a private security guards company. Finally, we returned to Florida in 2012, and Italy has been the last post we visited for work. I really enjoyed those years working and traveling overseas, it has been an amazing experience and opportunity of my life.

Anyway, let’s talk about the present. I don’t work for the U.S, Government anymore. After all, I discovered that internet marketing and publishing is what I love. I made different marketing researches across niches, in particular concerning general Health and Wellness, which in turn lead me to develop a start-up my personal blog called MyHealthSelections.

As already mentioned above, my blog is about general Health articles, and my selections are for Women and Men Health, Fitness, Wellness and some space dedicated to our little friends, Pets.

I hope you will enjoy my blog, and thank you for reading.

Keep in touch,


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