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The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?


180x150Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complex and debilitating disorder characterized by profound fatigue. The daily strain individuals suffer as a result of the condition is not mitigated with bed rest, and mental and physical activity can worsen its symptoms. Health can deteriorate to the point where the individual is bedridden. Chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS, is partially attributed to “central sensitization”. Genetic, biological, psychological and infectious mechanisms have been proposed, but the etiology of chronic fatigue syndrome is not yet well understood and there may be several causes, including:

  • Immune system diseases
  • Interaction with toxins
  • Tense situations
  • Genetic disorders
  • A combination of factors

CFS affects several body systems, and symptoms may include:

  • Chronic debilitating exhaustion
  • Insomnia
  • Impaired memory and / or mental concentration
  • Muscle pain
  • Weakness
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Flu-like symptoms including muscle aches, headaches, chronic cough, and nausea
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Joint pain without redness or swelling
  • Muscle pain
  • Tender lymph nodes in the neck or armpits
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Feeling unwell after physical activities or exercise

Because chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating disease, living with the disorder can be difficult. Daily lives are interrupted, and major lifestyle changes are necessary to adapt to limitations. Patients experience many difficulties, which include:

  • Worries about coping in day to day life
  • Alterations in relationships
  • Loss of livelihood, independence and financial security
  • Impaired memory
  • Unpredictable and changing symptoms
  • Due to the fact that chronic fatigue syndrome is not easy to diagnose, understanding CFS symptoms associated with CFS helps physicians to diagnose the condition correctly, to identify triggers, and helps the patient to comprehend the disease, making CFS easier to cope with.

For doctors, diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome can be complicated by various factors, including:

  • Fatigue and other symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome overlap with other illnesses
  • There is no blood test, lab test or brain scan to diagnose CFS
  • Symptoms vary from case to case in type, severity and number

As there is no blood test, lab test or brain scan to diagnose CFS, doctors will first rule out other causes, before concluding that the individual is suffering from CFS.

CFS management can be as difficult as the illness itself. Often, a cocktail of medications is given, in what may a called a “shot-gun” approach – the hope is chronic%20fatigue%20syndrome%20solution%20350that one of the medications will provide some relief from the symptoms. However, there are much better ways to tackle CFS. These include dietary changes, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, and exercise therapy. These help the body to heal from within, and not just mask the symptoms. In addition, these approaches are natural and free of side effects.

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