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Picture Parade One Hundred and Eighty-One — Learning from Dogs

Little Kids and Big Dogs

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We must be mad, but we once adopted three kittens from Romania at the same time. When Chai was found so terribly injured in a Constanta park, she was treated at the vet and then cared for by my friend in an apartment where she keeps some of her rescues. I had already said I […]

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A Street Cat Named…

… Oliver! Nubia: Hold on a second… I know that famous cat and his name is not Oliver! Oliver: No no… It’s me I am the famous street cat! Nubia: Right… well the evidence is in the photo above… It’s called A Street Cat Named Bob. Not Oliver! 😦 Oliver: But you have to admit […]

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Cat Care Tips for First-Time Cat Guardians

So, you’re thinking about adopting your very first cat. They make great pets — they’re fantastic companions, don’t need to be walked and tend to adapt to a new home quite quickly. However, they are a big responsibility, and you need to be prepared before you pick yours up from the shelter. Here are our […]

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The AMAZING Cat Show!

We were greeted by “Monty.” He was a huge canvas full of layers and texture with big expressive eyes. I think the model for “Monty” had cat-titude. Welcome to the second year of The AMAZING Cat Show! If I couldn’t spend my Friday night on the couch covered in pj’s and cats, than at least […]

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Top 3 suggestions to never get ill


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Everyone is probably wanting to know how not to get ill, how to ever not sick again, how to become immune in all type of diseases, plagues, etc. For sure that’s the reason why you’re clicking on this page or maybe you just want to double check the truth that you already knew since the […]

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Oliver & Nubia: Attack of the feather demon!

Hi everyone, It’s Nubia here today! 😀 We’ve been invaded by a mean giant feather demon today! :O Nubia: I shall protect our kingdom! *wobbles* Nubia: *target acquired – activating speed attack* Nubia: *at light speed* Got you little demon feather thingy! 😀 Nubia: WHERE do you think you are going… Nubia: *mumbles* This is so […]

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