The #1 Organ That Causes High Blood Pressure, and nobody talks about it

By Christian Goodman

Anybody diagnosed with high blood pressure will find a volley of ideas and thoughts on what factors and organs are responsible for the spike. But there is one organ that nobody ever talks about, not even mentions, when discussing high blood pressure. This organ secretly narrows your arteries and raises your blood pressure. The good news is, when you shed light on this organ, it’s very easy to tackle it and permanently cure high blood pressure – without medication.

A study conducted by researchers from The School of Medicine at University of Maryland, and Ottawa Heart Institute, found an interesting link between our brains and high blood pressure. In this study, the researchers identified a steroid compound called ouabain, which the brain releases to constrict or dilate the diameter of the arteries throughout the body.

The researchers performed certain experiments on animal models to find this definite link between the release of ouabain in the bloodstream and constriction of arteries. Obviously, if the brain releases more ouabain, which narrows the arteries, blood pressure rises. Just like there is more pressure when drinking milkshake through a narrow straw than a wide straw.

The most interesting part of this finding is that now we can see our brain has almost complete control over our blood pressure. If we have high blood pressure, it’s because our brain has consciously decided to release ouabain to raise our blood pressure.

So why does the brain make that decision?

The answer is any kind of stress. It can be sensory (traffic noise), emotional (divorce), mental (work task), or physical (workout, disease). Most of the time this is a temporary stress and your brain raises your blood pressure to deal with an immediate threat or condition (this is healthy).

But at some point, it becomes chronic. It’s like some neural path gets stuck in this stress circle and can’t get out of it. Obviously, then, the solution for high blood pressure must be to get us out of this circle. Tell the brain to chill out and stop overdosing on ouabain.

This is what I call a Focused Break.

Long before this study came out, I developed 3 easy exercises designed to give your brain and neural system a Focused Break, and therefore permanently lower blood pressure.

Learn more about these Focused Break, blood pressure exercises and try them out for yourself here…

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